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Probably the most common question I get asked is "why Glavind Strachan?" 

... my name is Paul Harris ...

if you Google 'Paul Harris Photography' you get rather a lot of results, and although I have absolutely no problems with having a common name after a chat with a friend who had spent a long time in marketing she suggested something that might stick in people's minds a little easier.

"Do you have a middle name?" she asked me

My middle name is Glavind, it is Danish, from my step grandfather... every grandchild and step grandchild of his has the same middle name

... spurred on by my friend's obvious glee at discovering this fact, I went on to mention that my dad was adopted, and that his birth father's surname was Strachan, my grandfather being from The Gorbals in Glasgow, before lying about his age and joining up during the Second World War.

Hence "Glavind Strachan"

My photography

  • Imperfect Charm
    Photography with a sprinkle of imperfection ... something which sparks the imagination

    My style of photography springs from many brooks of inspiration, not the least of which is my propensity to see the beauty in flaws.

    Too much time is wasted trying to create something which is perfect, when embracing the foible produces the magic 😍

  • Unique Perspectives
    Ways of seeing that stray slightly from the expected

    Learning is forever.

    I'm always creating.

    My approach towards anything is that you need to keep looking for new ways to do things

    ... even mistakes add to your knowledge

  • Emotive
    Photography that connects with the subject

    There is way too much emphasis on everything being dichotomous these days, if we accept that shades of grey are the truth of any endeavour, we'll be more creative, more honest and ultimately more human.

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