A look at local farming

Since I've been out and about attempting to sell my photographs, I've met a fair amount of local farmers, and become interested in the up's and down's of farm life.

This is my (not very well organised) project to document a few aspects of Devon Farm Life


I met Brian when he bought some of my calendars, his farm is in a beautiful part of the county, and he was kind enough to let me take some photographs.

When I asked if he would be agreeable to me turning up when he was doing 'farm' stuff, he was incredibly amicable and didn't once make me feel like my obvious ignorance was an obstacle.

Sheep Scanning

Not unlike human ladies, the ewes are scanned to see if they are pregnant, and how many lambs they are carrying.


The other way

Until I'd spent time with Brian's sheep, my only experience with them was pulling them out of rivers, or untangling them from fences on Dartmoor.

I was pleased to discover they have rather diverse characters, but can also still be awkward!

Let me tell you a secret

Goats at Meadow Brook Farm


Sheep at Meadow Brook Farm


The Wilder Ones, heritage breed pigs raised naturally in woods and valleys on the wild edge of Dartmoor

Happy Pig

All the farms I've visited have had happy and content animals

Glavind Strachan Photography

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