My "themed shoot" calendar girl

Lisa and I met through a website I no longer subscribe to and when we first spoke I had to be honest and tell her I only liked a single photograph of her I'd seen.

Luckily, she's tough, witty and rather good fun to work with 😍


It's gonna cost you mate

Always ready to get dirty 😂


Innovative - a windy seafront, a ring light and a piece of black voile

Book of Spells

Always a bit of magic when Lisa is about

Just you dare!


A Bit of Glamour

I always promise Lisa a little bit of glamour, and very rarely deliver!


A viking shield maiden


Getting our 'New Wave Cinema' vibe on with some old fashioned push processed home developed black and white film

1000 Yard Stare

dem eyes!

Glavind Strachan Photography

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