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Hawthorn by the Gap - Print

  • Between the edge of Sourton Down and Prewley Moor, as the rain approaches.

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    Sizes available online are 10 inches x 8 inches, A4 and A3 (all number of sizes can be arranged, just contact me directly).

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    Delivery can take up to 14 days. 

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  • Prints are available in any size, just be aware that some clipping may occur. I'm very happy to send you examples of how your final print will appear!

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    The complexities of shipping numerous different sized prints and products outside the UK without charging an extortionate fee means it is just easier if you let me know what you are looking to purchase and I can package everything up and then offer your several different postage options.

    Once a service is agreed upon, I can send you an invoice ... feel free to contact me.

  • As images are printed for me, I cannot give guarantees as to how quickly they will be delivered ... if you require a print within a certain timeframe, contact me directly and I'm sure I will be able to help.

    Images can also be purchased for digital download, please feel free to contact me for information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for paying?

I can take Paypal online, I can send you a link to pay through SumUp, or I'm happy for you to do a bank transfer ... I'm a one man outfit ... don't be afraid to ask 😍

I can't see what I want!

I take so many photographs, I can't always know what people will want a print of 😁

If you've seen an image of mine on social media, but can't find it as a print. or it appears to not be available in a format you'd like, just ask! 

Where can I see your work?

Although I'm fairly au fait with online stuff (for an old fellow) It's always nice to see things for yourself.

I do several local markets and numerous Craft Fairs, but I'm also happy to meet up if you're local.


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