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"Pale Shelter" - A5 Postcard

  • Hiding from the rain on Lower Tor on Dartmoor - an A5 Postcard.

    A5 Greetings Card also available.

    Hoping for a wonderfully warm and glorious sunrise, I'd walked up Belstone Tor, and had been disappointed with how overcast it was. 

    Eventually it started to rain, and I almost considered going home, until the sun came out and allowed me not only this shot from beneath a rock outcrop, but also several rainbow photos as well!

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I can take Paypal online, I can send you a link to pay through SumUp, or I'm happy for you to do a bank transfer ... I'm a one man outfit ... don't be afraid to ask 😍

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I take so many photographs, I can't always know what people will want a print of 😁

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Where can I see your work?

Although I'm fairly au fait with online stuff (for an old fellow) It's always nice to see things for yourself.

I do several local markets and numerous Craft Fairs, but I'm also happy to meet up if you're local.


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