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Pet Photography

Please contact me with any questions you might have 😍

I prefer to take my pet and animal photographs in their natural environment and am happy to provide ideas and shooting suggestions.

Standard rate for Pet and Animal Photography is £75 an hour with a guarantee of at least 5 digital images (fully professionally edited and available to print at A4 size).

I always guarantee 5 images, but it's a fair bet that (barring any major catastrophe) you'll receive more than this.

I don't generally supply physical images unless specifically requested to do so, however I'm happy to give advice and guidance on having your images printed, mounted and framed.

I am more than happy to provide these services if requested.

I'm happy taking photographs of all types of animals (though if you want to see me out of my comfort zone ... I confess I'm not a massive fan of snakes!)  🤣

Horses, sheep, donkeys, goats, cows ... 😍

Why not get in touch.

Pet & Animal Photography

Lets do it

Why choose me?

My goal is to make people happy 😘

Just because everybody does it one way ... it doesn't mean you should avoid being different, got a crazy idea you want to run past me?

Happy to listen 😍

To be fair, if you don't like my style, then you're unlikely to enjoy my way of working ... so don't choose me 😍

Happy to shoot anywhere and anything ... and always happy to collaborate on ideas

Something Unusual? I'm a proficient photoshop user if you have a request that might need a bit of 'tweaking'

If my style doesn't suit, I'll happily to suggest an alternative photographer more suited to your requirements 😍

Asking questions costs nothing 💗

Ways to contact me are below 👇🏼

How long is a piece of string?

Glavind Strachan Photography

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