• Nikki & Paul

    A wedding for an actress

  • Babies & Bumps

    Now working with Little Leaf Pregnancy

  • Christine & Ayton

    Wedding for a friend

  • My Kind of Wedding

    Lockdown Wedding 

Event Shooting

Please fell free to contact me about any projects you might have.

I am working with musicians, artists, artisans and creatives of all kinds.

I'm sure if you like my way of doing things, we can come to an arrangement that suits us both 😍

Working with the lovely Laura (that's her in the photo from her Insta feed) We're hoping to provide some wonderful memories for mums (and dads) to-be with our Baby Bump Photoshoots.

"Little Leaf Pregnancy offers continuous support and encouragement throughout your whole pregnancy journey ... classes bring together local people, creating communities of like-minded parents-to-be whose babies are due around the same time."

Visit Laura's website by clicking below 😍

Baby Bump Photography

Lets do it

Why choose me?

Most people have never had a photoshoot, well at least not one like mine, so feel free to bandy around some ideas, we'll see what we can come up with.

To be fair, if you don't like my style, then you're unlikely to enjoy my way of working ... so don't choose me 😍

Just because everybody does it one way ... it doesn't mean you should avoid being different

Happy to shoot anywhere and anything ... and always happy to collaborate on ideas

Something Unusual? I'm a proficient photoshop user if you have a request that might need a bit of 'tweaking'

If my style doesn't suit, I'm happy to suggest an alternative photographer for you 😍

Asking questions costs nothing 💗

How long is a piece of string?

Glavind Strachan Photography

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