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April 29, 2021
April 29, 2021

I recently met Leon, the owner of L'hos Arts & Crafts after he had been looking for somebody to take photographs of products for an upcoming venture he is planning.

Luckily, he liked my aesthetic and whilst working on that project, photographing products and organising a model, he asked if I could take some 'headshots' for his Instagram and other Social Media.

Leon creates and builds some amazing bespoke rustic furniture from salvaged wood, and I think my style of photography lent itself well to the organic nature of his work.


Was very pleased with this one, I thought it had a bit of a 'Jason Statham' vibe about it 😍


Everything is created from recycled and reclaimed timber


We tried to keep the shoots very casual, and capture a little of the quiet creativity of L'hos 😍


Everything is unique, sturdy and magnificently crafted

It's very much a family affair, with Leon's wife Anna and his step-son Carl helping to bring together Leon's creations.

As my brief wasn't to photograph the furniture (though I did a little, purely as it was so difficult not to) you can see more of his work on their Instagram and website 😄


Happy Workplace

Anna seems to be smiling and laughing at every opportunity 😍 I can only presume Leon is easy to work with 😂


The 'new' boy ... business has picked up massively recently and Carl has been drafted in to help catch up with the increase in orders 😍

Rustic Heart Benches

These are so good, if you like your woodwork beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly, check out the Instagram Page

"It's a family affair"

Always nice to see people enjoying their work!

Mr Peter Pallet

... I didn't ask any more 🤣

Leons supplies a number of shops around the South West and is happy to take on commissions for his work.


Hairy Inspiration 🐶

Rustic reclaimed timber stool.

Awaiting a coat of wax


Plenty of laughter added to every creation 😍


"Take one very talented local craftsmen, a squeeze of passion and a measured amount of eccentricity, simmer with a handful of reclaimed timber, cut to size and add a generous dash of vintage nostalgia. Season with a twist of whimsical ideas and serve with warm, friendly, professional service."


Each item is crafted from reclaimed wood, no two are the same 😍


"A truly personal, unique and creative company."


Reclaimed wooden creations from Okehampton in Devon

Having met Leon and the rest of the 'crew' at L'hos Arts & Crafts for a completely unrelated project I can only say what a pleasure it has been to spend time with such genuinely friendly, talented, generous and creative people.

Their work is wonderful and I can't recommend it enough.

Rustic Bathboards

More work in progress

Creative Couple


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