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March 08, 2021
March 08, 2021

I've mentioned before, how I've become more and more interested in the workings of farm and country life as I've met people who are involved in the day to day activities in rural Devon.

Some friends have their horses stabled on the farm where I live and on several occasions I've happened to be passing whilst their horses were being re-shoed.

I asked my friend if their farrier would mind me sticking my camera into their business 😂

As it turns out, Frank is a very amicable chap and he was more than happy for me to document his work 😍

Frank Reynolds Farrier Services

Classic Farrier Shot

Sometimes I let my 'arty' ovetake my 'documentary' head 😂


Not a RoadRunner in Sight!

The Hard & The Soft

I cannot take credit for thinking of the title ... a friend commented (a friend with a lot more imagination than me)

New Shoes

Just like visiting Clarkes when we were kids 😁

I managed to get some images that both Frank and I would be happy with 😁

Some rather splendid (in my opinion) arty shots of the Master Craftsman at work, and some more down to earth, man at work images for Franks Facebook Page and website 😄





There's a lot of 'back and forth' to shaping shoes

Hot Stuff

Mobile Farrier 


Finishing touches

Having watched Frank work a couple of times before, I had a vague idea of what went into shoeing a horse, but after spending some time with him, and actually documenting the process, the skill necessary is unquestionable.

He has almost an innate understanding of how the metal needed to be shaped, and Harry (the horse he was shoeing) was so relaxed at one point I'm sure ne nodded off with his head on Franks back! 

Hot Shoeing

Some more of the 'classic' hot shoeing technique used by Farriers

Hot Shoeing #2

Got so many good ones ... I couldn't resist sharing a few more 😍

Checking Fit

A bit more smoke 

Hot Shoeing #3

Last one ... I promise 😂

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs of Frank (and not just becasue he was doing all the hard work 😂)

He took the time to explain to me exactly what he was doing, and the reason for each process, it was both informative and fascinating.

Since posting some of the photographs on my social media, I have discovered many more of my 'horse' friends also use Frank's services and it would appear I am not the only one to admire his handiwork and diligence. 


I loved the way the the copper coated nails were kept handy on Frank's chaps!


Apparently the hoof knives are stupidly sharp. I have trouble cutting my own toenails!


Weirdly this didn't make my hairs stand on end like it did when my mum used emery boards on her finger nails 😐

A Happy Customer

Harry seemed to love the whole experience 🐴❤


Pretty sure my back couldn't handle this!

Nice New Shoes Harry!

Harry showing off his spangly new shoe 😎

So Dainty

You'd be forgiven for thinking Harry might be enjoying the 'modelling' a little too much 😂

Sponsorship Deal Time!

Frank and I await the flurry of offers, as we are both such great social media influencers  🤣

A marvellous afternoon spent learning a lot and capturing some amazing images of a farrier at work.

Thanks very much for letting me be a part of the process Frank!

If you're looking for a farrier, you can contact Frank through the links below 😍

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