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December 28, 2020
December 28, 2020
Laura - Owner at Little Leaf Pregnancy

Laura is the owner of Little Leaf Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Classes offering a full support package and ongoing encouragement throughout pregnancy in North Devon and Torridge.

I met Laura when a mutual friend passed on a Facebook Post she'd made looking for somebody to collaborate with on Baby Bump Photo sessions.

I'd done a few such things before, but was upfront with Laura and told her it was an aspect of photography I was no expert in.

We decided to meet up and see how we got on 😍

"I became a qualified and experienced Birth Supporter and KGHypnobirthing and Antenatal Educator. I have a diploma accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I also have training and experience with breastfeeding support and Microbiome. My qualifications are always growing as pregnancy and birth is such an interesting subject filled with so many things to research and new discoveries every month!"

Laura received her training from Katharine Graves (the founder of KG Hypnobirthing) 

Laura - Owner at Little Leaf Pregnancy

It turns out we got on rather well and although Laura insists she's uncomfortable in front of the camera, I have to disagree!

We decided to try a few Baby Bump sessions 😍


A lot of people (myself included) don't enjoy being photographed so I've found it's a good idea to get people used to the 'intrusion' as soon as possible 😂


A naturally beautiful and bubbly person, Abbie made my job ridiculously easy ... I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful model 😍

Very much like any portrait photography, the essence of getting the best photographs of people is making them feel comfortable 😍

 Luckily, Laura oozes warmth and affability ... combined with Abbie's obvious joy of life, even the bitter cold couldn't hide her delight  😁


Even in the cold, Abbie managed a smile

Belly Laugh

My favourite from our shoot ... difficult to choose, as we all laughed quite a bit 🤣

I was overjoyed that Kate had enjoyed our sojourn to the area (I expect if the river hadn't been in flood and it had been slightly warmer, we would have spent more time investigating).

In the future, I'll be offering group walks and local workshops to explain the basics of photography.

Please be aware that my style of both photography and teaching will most certainly not be to everyones taste 😂

If you like my work, why not get in touch and we can arrange something!


I'm not a fan of cliché ... but sometimes it's what's required 😂

Arty Cliché

I'm a bit of a moody type, but I can be persuaded to be a little 'lighter' when required 😍


Not just about 'bumps'


Can't forget I'm a landscape photographer!

A cold a bitter December day in Torrington, but I think we still managed to capture the effervescent Abbie in a way which conveys her amazing vivacity and obvious joy in her pregnancy 😍

Keep your eyes open for when Laura is planning on having her next 'Baby Bump' Photography session 😍

Hopefully the weather will be a little kinder 😂


Happy Laura

Friendly, professional and helpful. Brilliant photographer

Posted by Laura Price on Monday, 28 December 2020

"Little Leaf Pregnancy offers continuous support and encouragement throughout your whole pregnancy journey.  My classes bring together local people in North Devon and Torridge and we create communities of like-minded parents-to-be whose babies are due around the same time.  "

- Laura Price

 To see more about Laura's work, please visit her Facebook Page

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